McLouth Police Department

“The mission of the McLouth Police Department is

  • To provide comprehensive and effective law enforcement services to the citizens of McLouth, with professional diligence, responsibility and integrity
  • To serve the community in a firm, fair and consistent manner with respect for all individuals
  • To safeguard people and property
  • To be an advocate for the goals for the community
  • To treat people with dignity while in continuous pursuit of the deterrence of crime, the apprehension of criminals and the promoting of peace and order within the community
  • To ultimately earn the respect, approval and trust of all good citizens.”

 Office: 913-796-6783

 After hours contact numbers:
           Brad Williams: 913-331-6898
            Officers: 913-775-0213

Questions or Concerns contact Chief Williams: 



renewal month: October

All UTVs, driven on the city streets, must be registered. 1st time registration requires an inspection by the Mclouth Police Department. Set up an appointment and bring your Drivers License, Proof of Insurance, $25 and complete the UTV form.

Just need to renew? No time to come in? (Click here for form) select "Permits" then select "UTV Registration" Print and complete the form. Attach a copy of your Drivers License, Proof of Insurance and your payment. Place it in the mail or use the drop box at McLouth City Hall or the Country Harvest Apple Market. Your sticker can be mailed back to you.

Remember: New or "New to You" UTVs must be inspected, by the McLouth Police Department, prior to registration. Call for an appointment: 913-796-6783. Keep each other safe!



Chief of Police, Brad Williams


Renewal month: June

Fees:   $8.00 fertile, $5.00 spayed or neutered Late Fee: $2.00 per month/per animal. Register your animal in June to prevent late fees.

You will need:   The vaccination form, from the Vet - A picture of your pet - Your Payment along with the registration form. 

No time to stop in? (Click here) Select Pet Permits then select the Pet Permit Registration Form, print the form. Include all requested information with your payment. Drop it in the mail or use the drop box at McLouth City Hall or Country Harvest Apple Market. We can mail your tag back to you. 

Question? Call us: 913-796-6411 

Corporal Paul Juedes

Code Enforcement Officer & Police Officer

Police Activity Reports