City Administrator/City Clerk

   Kim Everley, City Administrator and City Clerk for the City of McLouth.

I started with the city on October 4, 2009. My career began as the City Clerk. As part of my hiring process, I was required to obtain my certification within 4 years. The certification program consists of Designated Requirements: Attain 60 points in Education and 50 points in Experience. Points are based on content and time of each class. The average point is .5 for a 2 hour class. The majority of the education required is through Wichita State University with materials provided by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. With my previous experience, I was able to obtain my certification as a Certified Municipal Clerk in 3 years. Most clerks require 4 years to complete. I graduated in August of 2012.

In July of 2013 my predecessor left the city. It was at that time that the City Council appointed me as the Interim City Administrator. 6 months later I was appointed as the City Administrator. The Administrator/Clerk position created more work than I was able to fulfill, as a result, the City Council created the position of Utility Superintendent. An interim was appointed and then 6 months later he was appointed as Utility Superintendent. I work with the paperwork side. The Utility Superintendent works hands on supervising the Utility/Maintenance workers. 

As time went on, our Utility Superintendent position became vacant and we were unable to find a qualified individual to fill the position. Some restructuring of the positions was necessary. The council created a Senior Utility/Maintenance worker position to go with the current Utility/Maintenance worker position. I did oversee the positions of the Utility/Maintenance workers and the Utility Clerk. Chad Bradley is now the supervisor over Utilites and Maintenance, with me doing the paperwork. I supervise the Utility Clerk. 

Coming into 2021 the City Council hired a Utility Superintendent and removed the position of Senior Utility/Maintenance Worker. 

In August of 2023, I received my MMC, Master Municipal Clerk designation. I was the 34th clerk in the State of Kansas to received this certification. To obtain my MMC, I had to attend 60 Advanced Education Point and 40 Professional Education Points. With everything going on at city hall, it took me 10 years to obtain my education needed to receive my MMC. 

It’s been a pleasure to work in the city where I grew up. We moved here when I was 13 years old. I graduated from McLouth High School in 1981. My children graduated from McLouth and my grandchildren attend McLouth Schools. We take pride in our community!

I am also the President of the Jefferson County Area Chamber of Commerce. I understand that we must shop local to keep our towns alive and thriving. I encourage everyone to shop in your town. It will benefit everyone in the end.

I am a member of KACM, Kansas Association of Court Management. KACM keeps all Kansas Court Clerks up to date on new laws and statutes of the court. I am also the Courtesy Chair for KACM. I have the privilege of sending flowers or cards for happy events and not so happy events. 

My goal as City Administrator and City Clerk is to keep our city looking nice, improving streets that are in need, keeping our utilities working as they should, at the same time keeping costs down. Infrastructure is a priority. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean everything is alright. The paperwork shows when we have issues. Those issues need to be addressed before they become emergencies and cost more to repair. I have enjoyed working on the USDA Loan for water improvments and Union Street looks great after the completion of the CCLIP, KDOT project. I applied for it 2 years prior to completion, but it was worth all of the work! 

Other duties as assigned:  I am your Court Clerk, Floodplain Administrator and Zoning Administrator. Need assistance with any of these items, feel free to contact me.

Have a question or concern? Give me a call or e-mail.

Kim Everley, MMC

Office: 913-796-6411

Cell: 785-691-8321


Utility Clerk/Assistant to the City Clerk

Jill Lampe started working for the city in November of 2021. She trained with Debbie Bowen (who is enjoying a much deserved retirement life). Debbie trained her well and Jill is doing a wonderful job! We thank the City Council for approving Jill to work up to 32 hours per week.  We appreciate Jill’s treats, cheerfulness and organization! We are blessed that she came to work for McLouth!

Jill resides in McLouth, out in the country. She has been married to Ray for 33 years, they have 3 children. Jill enjoys cooking, baking, working outside with her flowers, gardening, motorcycle riding and spending time with family.

Utility Supertindent

Chad Bradley started with the city in June of 2021. Chad comes to us with a lot of equipment experience. In March of 2023, Chad received his Certification as Water Operator. He will be working on his Wastewater Certification next. Have Questions for Chad? Call: 913-775-3430 or email him at 


Utility/Maintence Worker

David Riley started with the city in July of 2021. David comes to the city with a wealth of knowledge.  David obtained his Wastewater Certification on May of 2023. He is now working on his Water Certification. Have Questions for David? Call: 785-813-5164 or email him at